As a large and diversified power generator active across Canada, in the United States and in Australia, TransAlta's core business touches thousands of stakeholders. As the economy continues to grow, so do we. Our product is essential to economic growth and viability, and provides the basis on which individuals, communities and countries work, grow and prosper. We continue to make solid headway on many of our company growth projects as we expand our operations fleet.

We're currently Canada's largest generator of wind power and operate one of North America's most advanced coal facilities. We continue to grow our gas and renewables fleet with a new power station under construction in Western Australia, acquisition of new wind farms, and a new solar farm, a new addition to our generation mix. We are consistently working to enhance the efficiency of our operating fleet and to continuously deliver top quartile safety performance.

Looking forward, we see a lot of additional growth opportunity on the horizon. We remain a generation company at heart, but we will also continue to venture into infrastructure that supports power generation, such as pipelines and storage solutions.

What does this all mean for a TransAlta employee? Lots of opportunity for you to grow in the company, increase your skill set, and develop your career.