TransAlta engineers are responsible for optimizing the output and efficiency of our power plants. We value innovation and forward thinking, whether you are working on a 50 year old hydro plant, or a brand new gas turbine.

We look for engineers who are seasoned experts, mid-career professionals or new graduates with a background in mechanical or electrical engineering and a keen interest in power generation.

With the growing demand for reliable and cost-effective electricity, the engineers behind our operations are important. The decisions you make and the work you do will have a significant and positive impact on our ability to supply reliable, affordable, and sustainable power.

Members of Aboriginal communities interested in applying for a job at TransAlta are encouraged to contact

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Watch jobs in this category

Title Location Job Function
Heavy Hauler Operator
Centralia, WA, US Jun 23, 2018 0.00 mi COAL Operations WA Centralia-Heavy-Hauler-Operator-WA-98531
Centralia, WA, US Operations
Centralia, WA, US Jun 23, 2018 0.00 mi COAL Operations WA Centralia-Laborer-WA-98531
Centralia, WA, US Operations
Manager, Full Requirements
Calgary, AB, CA Jun 23, 2018 0.00 mi TRADING Trading AB Calgary-Manager%2C-Full-Requirements-AB
Calgary, AB, CA Trading
Emissions Specialist, G&R
Calgary, AB, CA Jun 21, 2018 0.00 mi GAS Other AB Calgary-Emissions-Specialist%2C-G&R-AB
Calgary, AB, CA Other
Managing Director, Technology & Innovation
Calgary, AB, CA Jun 20, 2018 0.00 mi CORPORATE Information Technology AB Calgary-Managing-Director%2C-Technology-&-Innovation-AB
Calgary, AB, CA Information Technology
Contracts Advisor, Major Maintenance
Duffield, AB, CA Jun 19, 2018 0.00 mi COAL Maintenance AB Duffield-Project-Manager%2C-Major-Maintenance-AB
Duffield, AB, CA Maintenance
Operations Supervisor/Chief Operating Engineer, Windsor
Windsor, ON, CA Jun 18, 2018 0.00 mi GAS Operations ON Windsor-Operations-SupervisorChief-Operating-Engineer%2C-Windsor-ON
Windsor, ON, CA Operations
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Seba Beach, AB, CA Jun 16, 2018 0.00 mi COAL Operations AB Seba-Beach-Heavy-Duty-Mechanic-AB
Seba Beach, AB, CA Operations
North-Leinster & Mt Keith, WA, AU Jun 6, 2018 0.00 mi GAS Operations WA North-Leinster-&-Mt-Keith-Electrician-WA
North-Leinster & Mt Keith, WA, AU Operations
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Duffield, AB, CA May 30, 2018 0.00 mi COAL Maintenance AB Duffield-Heavy-Duty-Mechanic-AB
Duffield, AB, CA Maintenance